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Pasukan Bomba Sukarela

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According to List 1 Schedule 9, Federal Constitution Ammendment 1976, the prevention and the extinguishment of fires including fire fighting services and fire fighting squads were under the responsibility of the Federal Government. Therefore, fire stations were built from time to time in strategic locations to fulfill this obligation. Nevertheless, these efforts had not fulfilled the overall needs especially in small towns and rural areas. This trend was expected to continue in the next few decades. One of the steps taken to fill the vacuum was by introducing and mobilizing the establishment of fire and rescue volunteer squads throughout the country. Excerps from item 14.65 Seventh Malaysia Plan, "Volunteer Fire Squads will be established in society and they will be given training in fire fighting and prevention". The purpose of this was to ensure that trained volunteer fire squads could act immediately in case of fires.


The establishment of Volunter Fire and Rescue Squad in the localities are to encourage local residents to:- 

  1. Form local fire and rescue squad to take early actions in case of fires before the arrival of Malaysia Fire and Rescue Department squad;
  2. Aid in advising locals on the dangers of fire and the steps to prevent fires;
  3. Enhance coordination with the Fire and Rescue Department and other fire safety related agencies;
  4. Help Malaysia Fire and Rescue in its efforts to supervise fire hydrants in their areas.