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Pasukan Keselamatan Kebakaran

Topic Contant
Division Training and Manpower Planning Division
  1. To provide exposure towards the establishment of Fire Safety organization in high risk premises.
  2. To educate about the Science and Technology of Fire Fighting.
  3. To provide exposure about the dangers of fire and the containment of fires.
  4. To learn reaction techniques in case of emergency/fire and to prepare contingency plans.
  5. To provide skills of the utilization of fire fighting equipment and their maintenance.
  6. To provide exposure on Fire Fighting Services Act 1988 (Act 341)
Course Module

1. Introduction to the Malaysia Fire and Rescue Depatment (2 Hours).

The organisation charts of Malaysia Fire and Rescue Department, its functions and objectives.

2. Fire Fighting Act (1 Hour).

Elimination of fire dangers, water supply and hydrant, Fire Certificate, enforcement, fire investigation, etc. 

3. The Chemistry of Fires (1-1/2 Hours).

Principles of fires, classes of fires, methods of fire spread and extinguishment.

4. Good House Keeping (2 Hours).

Introduction, good house keeping implementation / rules, dangers of combustible materials, premise risks and spread of fire. 

5. Introduction to Fire Fighting Equipment (1 Hour).

6. Extinguishment Medias (2 Hours).

Types of extinguishment medias, extinguishing equipment aand their utilization procedures.

7. Active Fire Prevention Systems (3-1/2 Hours).

Introduction & understanding, types of installations, mechanical backup systems and system maintenance.

8. Passive Fire Prevention Systems (3-1/2 Hours).

Introduction & definition, types of components and access against fire. 

9. Fire Simulations (4 Hours).

10. Fire Fighting Drill (8 Hours).

Hose drill, rescue drill, fire fighting operations drill and drill using portable extinguishing equipment.

11. Victim Rescue Techniques (1 Hour).

Introduction and victim carrying techniques.

12. Building Aging Management (2 Hours).

Introduction, early steps, preparation for training, the role of the committee, building aging and establishment of fire safety committee.

13. Foot Drill (1 Hour).